Thomas Ammann Fine Art AG Zurich


MARCH 1 – MAY 27, 2022


Hammer and Sickle, 1977
screenprint on Strathmore Bristol paper
portfolio of 4 screenprints, ed. 47/50
30 x 40 in., 76.2 x 101.6 cm
cat. rais. no. 162

Original source

Hammer and Sickle, 1977
cat. rais. no. 164

Original source

Hammer and Sickle, 1977
cat. rais. no. 161

Original source

Hammer and Sickle, 1977
cat. rais. no. 163

"Gee, when you walk around Italy, all over the walls
no matter where you go, there’s in chalk or paint,
there’s all these images scribbled on everything
with hammers and sickles."
(Andy Warhol)


Johns Big Figure Five (Study), 1987
encaustic and collage on canvas
48 x 36 in., 122 x 91.5 cm

Sketch for Jasper Johns’s number paintings

"I wanted to use an object that was not an object,
and yet presented itself as an object, as a means
of probing the under-structure of painting…
to reach for the essence."
(Elaine Sturtevant)


Untitled, 2012
oil on linen
51 x 32 in., 129.5 x 81.3 cm

Zynth 1973 Nov. 15th, 2013
oil on canvas
24 x 21 in., 61 x 53.3 cm

Nancy, 2014
oil on canvas
24 x 20 in., 61 x 50.8 cm

Untitled, 2012
oil on linen
24 ¼ x 20 in., 61.6 x 50.8 cm

"When I’m painting, I often become very involved
with these different personalities that come about.
If I’m to sit down and start to draw a figure, I
become engaged with these different personalities,
these different spirits. […] It’s an automatic process
of a personality that comes from the motion of my
hand and from my imagination. I like the format of
the portrait. There’s this kind of singular
expression, maybe, say, a facial expression,
that becomes the focus of the work."
(Spencer Sweeney)


Shadows II, 1979
screenprint with diamond dust on Arches 88 paper
portfolio of 6 screenprints, ed. 8/10
43 x 30 ½ in., 109.2 x 77.5 cm
cat. rais. nos. 210-215

"I called them ‘Shadows’ because they are based on a photo
of a shadow in my office. […] Someone asked me if they were art
and I said no. You see, the opening party had disco.
I guess that makes them disco décor."
(Andy Warhol)

Campbell’s Tomato Juice Box, 1964
silkscreen ink and house paint on plywood
10 x 19 x 9 ½ in., 25.4 x 48.3 x 24.1 cm
cat. rais. no. 854

Andy Warhol at work, Silver Factory, New York, early 1964

Campbell’s Tomato Juice Box, 1964
cat. rais. no. 855

Stable Gallery, New York, April 21 - May 9, 1964

"There was a curious effect on the gallery; it became
the storage room of an A&P. And the A&P became
an art gallery – one found oneself avoiding
the cartons as though they had suddenly
become valuable."
(Lawrence Campbell)